Many reasons to be thankful...

New York, N.Y. (Friday, November 23, 2012) - It has been a week since our big preview event last Saturday, November 17th and with the Thanksgiving festivities coming to a close this week it was only appropriate to start reflecting back and be thankful for not only that amazing day but for the journey itself in making Curvaceous K™ come to life.

The road to making this boutique a reality has taken a long two years but as they say the light at the end of the tunnel is finally becoming clear. For me, Saturday's event was a great way to celebrate that journey and to introduce Curvaceous K™ to all of you.

We began the day at noon and invited you to join us for some cookies and pastries courtesy of Flower Power Cupcakes.

cookies3.jpg cookies2.jpg cookies4.jpg

And as the cookies and champagne flowed we introduced our guests to just a few of the lines that we would be carrying and gave them the chance to try our goodies on and shop with us!

champagne glasses.jpg clothes2.jpg clothes.jpg

tents.jpgOf course we have not been able to do the construction renovations to our space that we had hoped for so certain things (such as fitting rooms) had to be improvised...

Oddly enough, these little fitting room tents turned out to be quite FUN and we received a lot of great compliments on them. A few people even suggested we make them permanent. Not sure that we will go that route but we were very happy to see our clientele having such a good time.

gwen devoe.jpg
In fact, we had some great shoppers stop by that day....Ms. Gwen DeVoe and Ms. Catherine Schuller were two of our clients that day.

These two ladies have been featured often in the press for their work and have centered much of their careers around making the curvalicious woman known in the fashion world and it was such a TREAT to have them both come in and shop with us.

Paula in jewelry.jpg4CK.jpgAnother special treat was our two special jewelry vendors Amazon Gems and Bohemian Rhapsody Jewelry that joined us that day. Their collections were just stunning. Our model Paula Lawrence was kind enough to not only showcase our clothing selection but their jewelry as well.

As you can see from these photos I've had a lot of new faces come into my life because of Curvaceous K™ but I have also had two very familiar faces come BACK into my life. One of the many benefits of returning to my childhood neighborhood, the Lower East Side, was that it gave me a reason to reconnect with two very dear childhood friends...Jennifer Morales and Jessica Castillo-Maldonado...both of whom I've known since grade school and up until this Saturday hadn't seen in almost 15 years!!

me and the girls.jpgThese two ladies not only came and celebrated with us but also offered their professional services in making the day! Many of the photos here are courtesy of JESSICA MALDONADO PHOTOGRAPHY and Jennifer dedicated the day to helping out with the fitting rooms and of course making sure everyone's champagne flutes were full.

I am grateful to them and to all the people that made a point to stop by that day...and of course my favorite neighbors Kari and Donna who came in to help!

And then there's my sweet hunny bee Bill who has held my hand thru this entire journey and kept pushing me along the path on the days and at times weeks when I just wanted to give up.

Oh...and of course my web team Mohammad and Rebecca. Rebecca wasn't able to make the long three hour trek to Manhattan but she's been a constant champion of Curvaceous K™ and her work is just flawless. Mohammad did make it that day and certainly enjoyed being the only man in a sea of lovely fact he kept the champagne flowing and gabbed up all the gals that day...isn't he pretty... 

Kathy and Mohammad Waheed group pic.jpg Mohammad Waheed

Okay, so as you can see I clearly have a lot to be thankful for. But the journey continues on and there is still much work to be done.

On Monday, November 26th we break ground on our renovations and will hopefully be able to create the perfect space that we so dearly want to better serve YOU!

P.S. - If you missed out on this event don't worry...we have MORE planned. If you would like to be included on future events please register here.

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